Fourteen years ago I decided to move to Berlin to work with some of Europe’s renowned choreographers. I encountered the way that fear and pain become our enemies, how they can affect us mentally and physically, taking away our natural ability to fully enjoy what we love.

After some research, I found a method that uses body experience to work on topics related to the mind, which allowed me to move beyond fear and pain. I was inspired to do the three year training in the Grinberg method and after, the Pantarei approach. Later on I developed my own view to healing drawing on my experience and knowledge in understanding the specificity of each individual ,I can teach you to face and transform your challenges and limitations in order to create the changes you wish for, recovering your health and courage to live the life you want.

I was born in Uruguay, and at the age of 14 I was discovered by an Israeli couple, who helped me to move to Israel to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional dancer. There I was lucky enough to join the Ensemble Bat-Sheva dance company (directed by Ohad Naharin ), where I first learned to experience the idea of listening to the body through the movement language GAGA ,and to discover the power of connecting the body and mind, breaking through limitations and connecting to your own pleasure and endless possibilities.



Fluentbody is for people who want to take charge of their lives, and move out of the limitations of others’ expectations and how they are supposed to be and look. Through both individual sessions and group training, Fluentbody helps people to be generous to their body and mind, to develop a sense of what they want and don’t want, and to gain more of their own strengths and possibilities.


"I am so thankful for the work and dedication Florencia puts into my process. It’s hugely affected and supported my life and it is still continuing. This in so many ways, personally, emotionally, psychologically, but also artistically .The deep process has had strong implications. In the past months a lot of things happened and doors keep on opening within me." ( Xenia)

"Florencia is offering sessions in a truly beautiful, bright and spacious treatment room setting in Berlin. She is a very professional, attentive and emphatic practitioner, meeting her clients with guidance exactly where they are at, and shedding light to the parts that need attention. Her sessions are holistic in every aspect and deeply transformative. My session with Florencia was the best Grinberg session I have ever had and highly recommend her work to everyone. With gratitude"  (Ewelina)

"Florencia welcomes her patients with warmth and empathy. During the session she dives with ease even through difficult topics. Her calm and friendly vibe make one trust her right away. Being new to this approach, working with her convinced me right away of the power and depth of this body focused way of learning" (Kevin)

"Wonderful listening and efficient guiding through!Florencia is a very reliable and sensitive practitioner.
Since i started the sessions with her i feel better bodily and in terms of self understanding; as i dance and work as freelance i feel often overwhelmed; the method through the practice of Florencia has been helping me a lot to release stress and pain, i even avoided an operation to a gland thanks to her treatment! I really recommend it to everybody!"( Alessandra)

"What I took away from my process was an understanding that all my body wants is to be as it naturally is - open, ready, breathing - regardless of challenge and feelings of pain and fear. I know my body can be encouraged and coaxed back to the stronger and more capable place. I know this is a safe place now. Certainly the strongest place to work from" (Mary)

"I had my first session some days ago. I´d like to write that the start of the process with Florencia brought me - I guess through myself - highly emotional feelings with my own body. That was an extraordinary and very positive experience and that´s why I am looking forward to the next sessions! " ( Bernhard)

"All the sessions were a beautiful experience. I feel like a plant who has come to her a year ago in quiet a drying out stage of being and now feel nourished with water. Thanks to her wonderful hands I feel my inner seed and strength and the will and confidence to grow "(Annette)

"Having sessions with Florencia has been a wonderful, deeply touching experience!" (Uta)

 “ I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Florencia's work. I had a session with her several months ago and I found it profoundly healing for me, not just then, but long-term. For anyone looking to heal and feel more empowered in a really genuine sense, I recommend Florencia whole-heartedly. She makes you see the strength you already have inside of you” ( Alex)

“Florencia's INCREDIBLE work is the kind of therapy I have been searching for. For me it directly gets to the root of my physical and emotional pain. After one session I felt as if I had woken up from years of fog, and every session shows me parts of myself I had forgotten, teaches me how to reclaim who I actually am and let go of what I don't need. Sounds deep - is deep. Thank you so much for this opportunity.” ( Fanny)