Somatic Therapy + Personal Training



I often been asked in my sessions for a physical training and a personal approach to it. I am finaly really happy to team up with my long time friend and personal trainer Susana Beiro. We both have a background as dancers and ventured into fields of well-being. Physical and mental health comes hand in hand for us. Therefor we want you to benefit from our expertise and exchange.

our approach:

Support and guide your motivation and commitment

  • Offer a safe environment to reach physical and mental boundaries

  • A wholesome approach to physical and mental well-being

  • Create self-awareness and self-care

  • Gain self-generosity and create lasting change in a conscious enviroment

  • A great sense of achievement and boost in self-confidence

  • Regular exchange of your progress and tailored training plans / treatments  



what can you achieve:


  • Gain self-confidence through a strong body

  • Guided and tailored training plan

  • Guided weightloss

  • Injury prevention and full range of movement in every day life

  • Gain focus and train will-power

  • Increased body awareness 

  • Boost your feel-good endorphins and get rid of stress


Package Deal:

10 Personal Training Sessions + 5 Somatic Therapy Sessions

Regualar exchange of your progress between trainer and therapist

Total: 850,00€

Single sessions via recommendation:

SPECIAL PRICE upon agreement

You have something else in mind? No problem, we can discuss all options and create a personalised package for you.