the body and well-being

Each one of us is born with a very wide and unique potential, but we end up using a very small portion of it. This is because during our lives we adopt many behavior patterns that fixate the way we move, think, feel and relate with the world. Our perception is shaped and molded by our society and our own personal histories. This alienates us from our potential and easily causes conditions such as physical symptoms, stress, anxiety, confusion, swinging moods and a state of inner conflict.

The key to changing these patterns and recovering our health is awareness. Only by developing our attention can we recognize our automatic responses and stop whatever makes us suffer. By doing so we also learn to expand our human experience and express our true potential.

how does a session work?

First of all, you learn to gain more attention and awareness for your body, through various forms of touch, breathing, movement and description, which are adapted to you.

With this awareness, I then guide you to notice what your body is doing: where there is holding or tension, or how you might be avoiding certain sensations and emotions. This is an unconscious behavior in your body, which is often a mechanism of protection or maybe the only way you knew how to deal with a challenging situation in your past. You will start to notice how this physical reaction is connected to ways that you tend to think and feel in situations in your life today, for example when you're stressed or anxious, which is simply a lot of adrenaline in your body.

I teach you then to let go, to not block any longer this flow of energy, to trust in the ability of your body to allow this flow, bringing finally the sensation of peace, strength, relief and that it can actually turn into a very positive experience. This process gives you more control over what was before happening unconsciously. You will be able to let go of those patterns that don't serve you anymore.

This brings greater health for both your body and your mind, giving you more choice over how to respond in different situations in your life, from feeling helpless to feeling powerful and alive!



transforming fear and pain

 We often find ourselves looking at fear and pain as an enemy: we try to avoid them or resist them. But this actually reduces our options, and makes them stronger. Often we are stuck in an old fear response, without even realising that this is happening.

Through the sessions, you will learn to notice that fear and pain are not bigger than you, that you don’t need to fight them, or collapse and give in to them. You learn to actually experience them in your body, rather than trying to deal with it by thinking and talking about it.

 This allows your body and mind to process and complete that old fear. By transforming your fear and pain in this way, it no longer dictates your life. We use it as a door to open, for you to rediscover aspects of yourself.

letting go of your past

We all know the trap of having our past conclusions define who we are, and how this can dictate our future.

In the sessions you can learn to be free of these conclusions, to ensure that they don't continue repeating themselves.

This enables you to gain back qualities that you lost in the past, allowing you to experience life in its actual moment.