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Fluentbody & Sweatlodge

  • Neue Schonau Dorfstraße 3-4 17192 Neu Schönau Germany (map)





I am still touched by these four days of deepness, trust and transformation.
I had imagined the potential of combining these two elements (Sweatlodge and Fluentbody), and now I've seen how powerful and healing it can be.
We were so lucky to have the gift of a beautiful and generous group at the fabulous location of the Seminarhaus in Neu Schönau, with meals full of love, and the best weather to enjoy and digest the process.

Thank you all, especially Remo for guiding the Sweatlodge ceremony in such a wonderful way, allowing us to be and to feel, and bring healing to our body, mind and soul.

From the first day I knew that this has to happen again!
So I am really happy to announce the dates for the 2nd edition of the Healing Seminar:
28-31 March 2019.

Deeply grateful for this experience.

With love,


Movement, dance and healing are combined in this four-day seminar.

The sweatlodge ritual opens up a healing journey of purification, led by nature, and guided by Remo. Through Fluentbody dance, we can digest what we uncover, and create space for it to move through us and sink into our bodies. The two elements together let each of our healing journeys become richer and deeper.

We will be surrounded by nature, 1,5 hours from Berlin, in the beautiful location of the Seminarhaus Neu Schönau.

You're very welcome to email me with any questions.


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