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Healing Seminar Fluentbody & Sweatlodge 2nd Edition

  • Seminarhaus Neu Schönau Dorfstraße 3-4 17192 Neu Schönau https://seminarhaus-neu-schö germany (map)

To register:

A delicious combination of Sweatlodge and Fluentbody training over four days.

The Sweatlodge is widely known for healing and detoxification in many Native cultures around the world. Not only does sweating clear the body of illness, but it also removes impurities from the mind and spirit, as toxins are removed from the body with extreme heat, and muscles and joints can be rejuvenated. Over these four days, there are usually four rounds, during which everyone has their own journey. This could mean confronting old fears and pains, or learning to let go, surrender and trust, or feeling less effort and more connected. In a ritual practice guided by Remo, the group sits in a circle in the dark Sweatlodge, hot stones are brought in representing our ancestors, and you can set your own intentions. You should bring clothes that are comfortable to sweat in, but that cover and protect your body. The seminar is in natural surroundings with woods and a lake, which is great for jumping in after the Sweatlodge!


In the Fluentbody training, you learn to move out of the roles you usually fit, or your usual limitations of how you are supposed to look and be. Contrasting with the Sweatlodge, here you are in a constant flow of movement, as Florencia guides you with imagery that taps into ways of being that your body already knows but doesn’t usually connect to. What if your muscles moved like stretching chewing gum, or if your body expanded like a helium balloon, or if you imagined how your bones move inside you? You don’t need to be a dancer for this, as it’s about moving outside of judgements and working through uncomfortable feelings like being shy. Through embodying these images, you connect to yourself as a body, which can help you access pleasure, and develop a sense of your own strengths, and possibilities, and of what you want and don’t want. It can also bring up emotions like old pains and traumas. With her depth of experience and sensitivity, Florencia guides these trainings with enough time, space and understanding for you to go through your own process. You’ll be barefoot in the studio, and will need clothes that are comfortable for moving in.


The magic of combining these two practices is that they both connect mind, body and emotion in very different ways, giving the right conditions for healing to happen. The changes and insights from the Sweatlodge can be worked through in the Fluentbody training, and vice versa. For example, the Sweatlodge can leave your muscles softer and your senses opened up, and moving with this in Fluentbody training can allow you to access more deeply what you feel and need. Together, the two practices give you a lot of tools to integrate into your life and aims in order to create a change. Over the course of the three days, participants become more free, full and alive, developing a sense of their own individuality as well as feeling more connected within the group.

Seminar fee: 180€

Accommodation :

Single room 63 € per day - - - All booked !

Double room 44 € per person/day -

Three bed room 38 € per person/day-

Meals : 30€ per Day ( total 3 full days)

Breakfast / Lunch (3 course menu) / Dinner (2 course menu)

*The fee for the Seminar is not inlcuded in the full price, you will need to add the costs of accommodation and meals.


Fluentbody workshop


Our Sweatlodge (before being covered )


The lake, to jump in after the sweatlodge